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10 Early Warning Signs That You Need A Plumber

As a family run plumbing and heating business covering Sheffield, Chesterfield and surrounding areas, we know how important it is for your house to be warm, safe and free of problems, especially at this time of year. Of course, many of the plumbing issues that arise in the home can be fixed by you with no problem whatsoever, but there are those times when it’s just time to call in the professionals. Here are our 10 early warning signs that you need a plumber…

1. Slow Draining

There are many different things that can cause slow draining in your sinks, from grease and food build up in the kitchen to hair and gel in the bathroom. Whatever is causing it, you may need to call a plumber to solve the problem.

So, if you’ve been trying to clear the clog with a plunger, a coat hanger or a drain cleaning product and it’s not working, then it’s definitely well worth calling a plumber. They have the tools available to make quick work of that annoying blockage and get your sinks back to draining properly again.

If you’ve tried all possible methods to get that drain clear and it’s just not working, then your plumbing system could be clogged and that’s definitely time to call in the professionals.

2. Clogged Toilets

No-one want to be left with a toilet that won’t flush or is so backed up you can’t flush it. If you can’t plunger your way out of the situation then the problem could be more serious. Call in a plumber and they will have the tools and expertise to clear the clog and leave you smelling of roses again.

3. Smelly Drains

There is an abundance of things that can cause smells in both your bathroom and kitchen. Wheat we’re looking for here is a prolonged smell. If your drains smell continuously and for a long time then it could be a warning that your sewer line is blocked or damaged. Either way, a call to the professionals can help you diagnose and fix the problem.

4. Gurgling

Your toilet should generally be a quite little chap, unless he’s being flushed, so if you hear gurgling noises coming from your loo it’s time to call the professionals. That gurgling noise is essentially trapped water and air trying to escape from the system. The trick here is to move quickly. Shut off the water, call the plumber and then wait for them to arrive and do their magic. The longer you leave it without getting it fixed, the more likely it is that it will back up into your drainage system. If you don turn off the water system, then it could cause an ever greater problem and back up the entire house.

5. Low Water Pressure

There can be many reasons for low water pressure. It could be a blockage, a leak, or to do with your boiler or taps. Not only is low water pressure annoying, but it causes you to spend longer in the shower or to run taps for longer, which could cause your water bills to rise. Whatever the reason for the low water pressure, it isn’t going to get better and may get worse over time, depending on what is causing it. Call a plumber and get them to diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible.

6. High Water Bills

There are obvious times of the year when you’re likely to use more water and thus your water bills will increase, e.g. if you are watering the garden in the summer. But if your water bills have increased suddenly and you weren’t expecting it, then that could be a sign of a leak or something else wrong with your system. Firstly, make sure all your water is turned off and check to see if your water meter is still moving. If it is, then it’s time to get a plumber in to investigate.

7. Water Not Getting Hot

We’ve all been there. You jump into a lovely shower only to stand there cold until the water heats up enough for you to stand it. Not so bad in the summer. Awful in the winter!

If your water isn’t heating up enough, it could be for a few reasons. You may have sediment build up in your tank, which absorbs the heat from the water. It could also be a problem with your water heater, which could have failed or be in need of a little maintenance, or it could be a problem with your boiler. Whatever the issue, call a plumber to diagnose and fix the problem, so you’re not shivering in the shower any longer.

8. Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

A constantly running toilet often goes unnoticed for some time as it doesn’t make much noise and you’re generally not in the room when it’s happening. Not only can a constantly running toilet become annoying, it will force your water bills up, so getting it sorted as soon as possible is a good idea. Most of the time it’s a seal on the connector from the tank to the bowl that’s gone, so get this replaced and you’re good to go!

9. Damage or Discolouration to Walls or Ceilings

If you see peeling wallpaper or paint in your bathroom you should investigate immediately, rather than just patching it up. It could be that a leak is causing the problem.

Likewise, if you find mould on your walls or cabinets, it’s highly likely that there is a leaking pipe hidden somewhere in your bathroom.

If you notice brown spots on your ceilings, then it’s highly likely there is water pooling above the mark. So, don’t just go and call the decorator or plasterer. Get a plumber to investigate the cause.

10.Your Pipes Are Frozen

Frozen pipes are common in the UK over winter, especially ones that are open to the elements (outside taps or heating condensers) and can cause a huge mess and extensive water damage to your home if they burst. During the winter you should check your pipes regularly and if any of them appear frozen then call a plumber straight away in order to avoid a major flood.


So, there you have our 10 signs that you need a plumber. If you experience any of these issues over the coming weeks and months, then call Bradley Plumbing & Heating as soon as possible and we’ll be there to get you back up and running and in tip top condition.

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    Since I’ve been using Steve and the team at Bradley Plumbing and Heating, I have never looked back. Weather its just been a Gas Safe check or a full heating system I’ve always been given honest advice on the best way forward. The solution has always been completed on time and within the price or budget given before the work commenced.


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    Bradley Plumbing has been one of our preferred contractors for many years as a Gas Safe Engineer and Plumber.The repairs which have been carried out and the service which has been provided has been impeccable. We would recommend Steve's services to others, he has a professional and friendly approach towards clients and nothing is to much trouble. They can be called up on at short notice and can give advice where required over the telephone to cut down on landlord costs.


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