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DIY Plumbing? Definitely not!

STOP! And step away from the hammer… When DIY is definitely DNDIY (Do Not DIY)

With a recent resurgence in DIY (over the last six months) it appears that we, as a nation, are either picking up new skills or rekindling the love affair we once had with our hammers and drills.

Whilst DIY is incredibly satisfying and can save you quite a bit of money, when you get it right, we’d like to issue a few words of caution.

Don’t always believe what you hear and see, especially when it’s telling you how easily you can do that job, by just following a “simple” video. Because there are times when you must not, no matter how “easy” it appears to be, start doing any DIY.

This is our list of absolute (DIY) no go areas:

Your boiler isn’t working properly
It might seem a great idea to check out a self-help video, do a bit of tinkering and hey-presto, it’s working again… however, without the proper care and attention you could be doing more damage in the long run and it could end up costing you far more than you ever bargained for.

Whilst checking the pressure gauge is considered a part of the maintenance that you, as an owner, should be undertaking on a regular basis, patching up a leak could lead to some very serious consequences.

There are very different reasons why you have a leak ranging from a faulty component, to a loose connection or even corrosion. Not getting it fixed by a professionally trained/qualified plumber could lead to a complete internal failure which would be very expensive to fix, it could render it in a state where it cannot be fixed and needs to be completely replaced or lead to a dangerous gas leak.

Also, if it’s under warranty and you try to fix it yourself, you will invalidate it. Which will mean any money you’ve paid will be wasted and you’ll end up with an even bigger bill at the end of it.

You smell gas
Don’t be tempted to try to find the source or worse still try to fix it.
You must immediately evacuate your house. Opening doors and windows as you go. Ensuring you take any pets with you, if you can. Do NOT turn off or on any switches as this can cause an ignition spark.

Replacing pipework
If you have enough time on your hands, you may think it’s time to replace those old leaky or ugly looking pipes. After-all it’s only a bit of pipe…but have you really thought this through?

What if, after all, your hard work it still leaks? Or worse still, it doesn’t just leak, but it floods elsewhere, because you’ve not fitted the connections properly?

Adding in new appliances with brand new pipework

Equally, adding a bit of pipe sounds simple in theory. You’ve channelled the walls, made some holes and connected it all up. Bingo, job done… only it seems that instead of taking the waste water away, it’s backing up and well, let’s just say the mess and clear up, will certainly outweigh the cost of calling a plumber in the first place.

Whilst we aren’t suggesting, for one minute, that you are incapable of carrying out DIY, what we are suggesting is that there are some things that are better off being done by those who are professionally trained.

You also need to remember that in some cases such as where gas or electricity is involved, you are required by law to have these checked over and certified as safe (completed to a safe standard) by someone who is a gas safe engineer or electrician (think boilers, showers, ovens).

We wouldn’t advocate giving it a go, as we know it can lead to dangerous consequences. It’s wise to remember that Bradley Plumbing, Heating and Gas Engineers are professionally trained and qualified individuals, that have taken years to learn the craft and can fix things quickly, easily and most importantly, safely.

So, what may seem a good fix at the time, or a way to save a few pounds, can turn out to be a much bigger issue in the long run.

Besides, whilst you get them in to fix these issues you can be kicking back and having a nice cuppa, or tipple or two depending on your preference!

If you have any queries or want us to help you with your plumbing needs, contact us now.


Photo by Kim Stiver from Pexels

  • What Our Clients Say

    Trustworthy, reliable, friendly and brilliant at what they do…

    We have used Bradley Plumbing for many years within the Sheffield Methodist Circuit and they are very good. They have provided us with gas inspections, installations, callouts, service and repairs on gas, heating and plumbing issues plus bath installations. No job is too small or too big for them. Their response and customer service are excellent and they are great to work with.  I would definitely recommend them.


  • What Our Clients Say

    As a private landlord I always need reliable trades who I can trust to carry out work for me when needed, as I don’t always see the end result of the work it the property already has a tenant in place.

    Since I’ve been using Steve and the team at Bradley Plumbing and Heating, I have never looked back. Weather its just been a Gas Safe check or a full heating system I’ve always been given honest advice on the best way forward. The solution has always been completed on time and within the price or budget given before the work commenced.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Stephen was very professional and knowledgeble. He replaced my very old boiler with a new one, having to adapt completely to a knew system. He was friendly and took less time than I thought. Overall very happy with the job. Thanks!


  • What Our Clients Say

    Bradley Plumbing has been one of our preferred contractors for many years as a Gas Safe Engineer and Plumber.The repairs which have been carried out and the service which has been provided has been impeccable. We would recommend Steve's services to others, he has a professional and friendly approach towards clients and nothing is to much trouble. They can be called up on at short notice and can give advice where required over the telephone to cut down on landlord costs.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Steve and his apprentice, Jason, recently installed a full central heating system at my home. I was very pleased with his workmanship and principals - honest, trustworthy and reliable. They completed the work on time and in budget, I would highly recommend them - everything from initial consultation to completion of works was excellent. Great people, great company.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Steve does a great job.

    He is friendly, very good at his job and reasonable.


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