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Best Boilers on the Block

Finding the best boiler for you and your house and budget.

A new boiler isn’t just an average everyday purchase.  It can be quite a significant outlay of money and getting it right can be tricky.

Do you go for a top of the range, should you go budget, what is considered a good deal, how do you know – who should you ask?

Well we suggest that purchasing a new boiler should be approached in the same way you would purchase a new car. With consideration, a lot of thought about what you want, what you need and what the nice to haves would be and obviously research.

One thing you can’t do though is take it for a test drive.  That is why it’s important to do your research.

Part of your research should be speaking to a trusted professional who is used to installing boilers and can advise you on what they consider to be a good boiler.

We can help you with information on which is the best boiler to suit your needs and will base it on:

Cost Effectiveness – does it fit within your budget, what is the warranty, what does the warranty cover?

Efficiency – does it cover all your needs, if you have a small house (two bedroomed) you will not need the same size boiler as a six bedroomed house. You will also need to take into consideration how much hot water you will need.  Will the boiler save you money on your bills?

Good Quality – what make is it? Is it renowned for having good quality parts, which are less likely to be faulty or break?  Giving you more peace of mind that your boiler will work when you need it to.

Eco-effective – what are the ratings and efficiencies?

Stands up to the test of time – will it still be working efficiently in 5 years’ time, as it is now?

All round good deal – fits all your needs and more.


Best boilers

What we would recommend, to help you start your search…

We love Ideal boilers and would recommend their range as the best boilers on the market. They are a great make that comes in different types to fit different needs. British made in Hull, which is a bonus!

So, here’s our guide to what we feel fits a wide range of needs:


Top of the range:

Ideal Vogue Combi-boiler, Standard gas boiler or System boiler

Warranty 10/12 years

Operates very quietly, which can help when considering where to install it

Fantastically cost effective and efficient

Good eco-credentials

££££ – superb for anyone who isn’t worried about cost or prefers to ensure that they always have the best money can buy.


Middle range

Ideal Logic Combi-boiler, Standard gas boiler or System boiler

Warranty 7/10 years

Very cost effective and efficiently

Great eco-credentials

£££ – Ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their system.  It’s not too pricey but is a cracking deal and provides a great boiler that can heat an average household quite comfortably.


Cost conscious

Ideal I-mini combi-boiler

Warranty for 5 years

Ideal for smaller homes/budgets

Ideal for Landlords

Good eco-credentials

££ – A logical choice that comes with a great warranty and is great value.


As you can see there is something for everyone. Whilst there are other very suitable boilers on the market, we feel that these offer the best value, range and cost effectiveness that also stand up to the test of time.

When looking at warranties, it is important to bear in mind that it depends on whether your fitter is accredited. If you would like to find out more about this then please give us a call.

Once you have the best boiler installed, that isn’t the end of the story, you will need to budget for maintenance ie an annual service, now this shouldn’t be a lot; the average cost is around £50-£75 inc VAT.  Whilst this might seem like an extravagance; having your boiler serviced once a year, like having a car MOT, will keep it in tip top condition and ensure that you are always toasty warm.


Download my 7 Boiler Maintenance Tips handout to ensure your Boiler is kept in good condition for when you need it.

  • What Our Clients Say

    Trustworthy, reliable, friendly and brilliant at what they do…

    We have used Bradley Plumbing for many years within the Sheffield Methodist Circuit and they are very good. They have provided us with gas inspections, installations, callouts, service and repairs on gas, heating and plumbing issues plus bath installations. No job is too small or too big for them. Their response and customer service are excellent and they are great to work with.  I would definitely recommend them.


  • What Our Clients Say

    As a private landlord I always need reliable trades who I can trust to carry out work for me when needed, as I don’t always see the end result of the work it the property already has a tenant in place.

    Since I’ve been using Steve and the team at Bradley Plumbing and Heating, I have never looked back. Weather its just been a Gas Safe check or a full heating system I’ve always been given honest advice on the best way forward. The solution has always been completed on time and within the price or budget given before the work commenced.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Stephen was very professional and knowledgeble. He replaced my very old boiler with a new one, having to adapt completely to a knew system. He was friendly and took less time than I thought. Overall very happy with the job. Thanks!


  • What Our Clients Say

    Bradley Plumbing has been one of our preferred contractors for many years as a Gas Safe Engineer and Plumber.The repairs which have been carried out and the service which has been provided has been impeccable. We would recommend Steve's services to others, he has a professional and friendly approach towards clients and nothing is to much trouble. They can be called up on at short notice and can give advice where required over the telephone to cut down on landlord costs.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Steve and his apprentice, Jason, recently installed a full central heating system at my home. I was very pleased with his workmanship and principals - honest, trustworthy and reliable. They completed the work on time and in budget, I would highly recommend them - everything from initial consultation to completion of works was excellent. Great people, great company.


  • What Our Clients Say

    Steve does a great job.

    He is friendly, very good at his job and reasonable.


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